Pooling, Melting Color: Art by H.Rower

A monolithic artwork by Holton RowerVenus

H.Rower creates works that hover halfway between painting and sculpture. Using layers upon layers of thin poured paint, he creates psychedelic patterns out of pooling, melting color.


He creates both two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms with this paint-pouring method. I appreciate the artist’s two-dimensional works both in the way they evidence the artist’s hand and process, and in the way that he edits them into their own forms. In one series of works, the artist directs his paints into an elongated, serpentine shape that becomes quite organic when filled in with stripes of color.

A flat painting by Holton Rower installed in a gallery space5ac11a


The artist’s process seems similar to that of Luis Pagan, but with completely different results. He takes his process into an even more theatrical sphere by holding painting performances wherein he creates his pours over top of a wooden box or even a live model. The results showcase not only the behaviour of the paint, but the interaction between the medium and the substrate.

A painting made from paint poured over a square block3ac1c

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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