Small Moments of Beauty: Photography by Hunter Madsen

A photograph of a snowy riverbank in CoquitlamCoquitlam Riverbank in Late Snow

Hunter Madsen is a fine art photographer with a background in advertising, social science, and technology. Now based in Vancouver, BC, Hunter’s photography seeks to capture small moments of beauty in places often ruled by dereliction and dystopia.

A photo of an electrical plant structure in DenmarkHelsingor Yard III


I enjoy the sense of focus in each of Hunter’s photographs – there’s a definite sense of the photographer’s eye, but it isn’t too intense, or direct. Each photo presents a scene (whether close-up or panoramic) in crisp detail, allowing the viewer to travel through the image and draw their own meaning from the given visual offerings. Madsen photographs plants and landscapes in the same way as he photographs crumbling, rusted architecture, and this equal treatment serves to emphasize both the differences and the eventual similarities.

The front page of Hunter Madsen's photography websiteThe front page of


All of Hunter’s photographs seem to project a solemn mood. The attention that the artist pays to both detail and negative space, turns each of his works into a meditation, giving the viewer a sense of multiple viewpoints and possibilities for interpretation.

A photo of a burned out house in NanaimoBurned House

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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