Informative Layouts: Visual Design by Nathalie Gribinski

An editorial advertisement in a fashion magazineFashion Fair, journal advertisement

Nathalie Gribisnki is a graphic designer, artist, and illustrator based in Chicago. Nathalie’s work in advertising and marketing showcases an eye for composition and informative layouts.

A mock-up of a brochure for a law firmRooney, Rippie, and Ratnaswamy, law firm brochure


It’s interesting to see work for clients from a wide variety of different fields compiled in Nathalie’s Marketing portfolio. The artist has a talent for capturing not only the necessary information, but also creating compositions that reflect the tone and purpose of the given business. For example, Nathalie’s designs for a law firm brochure have a professional, sleek, and serious tone, while promotional designs for an art fair emphasize color and creativity more heavily.

A screen capture of the front page of Nathalie Gribinski's design websiteThe front page of Nathalie's design website


In her graphic design portfolio, I can see some of the visual tropes of Nathalie’s smooth, fluid abstract works. In particular, I find the artist’s use of negative space to be deliberate and effective throughout her two portfolios – it helps to create a clean, highly legible look in logos and whitepaper designs.

A logo design for a music schoolThe Art of Karim Yengsep, music school identity design


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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