Natural and Equestrian Subjects: Art by Debbie Hart

A painting of a rider on a white horseThe Show Horse

Debbie Hart was born in Wisconsin and currently lives and works in Illinois, where she creates photo-realistic paintings of natural and equestrian subjects. Debbie’s works utilize natural lighting and deep earthy colors to achieve a sense of brighter-than-life boldness.

An oil painting of a purple orchidPurple Orchid


I really enjoy the smooth, polished aesthetic of Debbie’s paintings. The artist seems to know exactly when to stop working a painting, creating finished images that retain the tiniest hint of the artist’s hand, while also exhibiting a fine attention to detail. In Debbie’s animal portraits and floral paintings, the artist tends to leave the background painted in a textured gradient, focusing both her attentions, and those of the viewer, on the subject.

A screen capture of Debbie Hart's art websiteThe front page of Debbie's art website


Debbie also sells many of her works as prints on household items like pillows and even T-shirts. I especially enjoy her selection of tote bags – it makes a great way to own a beautiful painting, and carry around with you wherever you go.

A tank top printed with a painting of a horseAndalusian Tank

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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