Handmade Vessels: Art by Goertzen Pottery

A wood fired ceramic vessel with matching bowlsUntitled

Goertzen Pottery is a pottery studio based in Goshen, Indiana. The studio specializes in earth-toned, handmade vessels for use in the home.

A photo of two wood-fired clay vesselsUntitled


I really enjoy the look of the items on the Goertzen Pottery website. Each vessel seems very unique, and tactile – even seen through a computer screen. Deep earthy oranges and browns make up the bulk of the pottery studio’s color palette, lending many of the vessels a warm feeling that would complement both food and general decorating usage. Some small moments of fiery red and deep blue tones remind me of ceramic work by Elaine Clapper.

A screen capture of the front page of the Goertzen Pottery websiteThe front page of Goertzen Pottery's website


The works in Goertzen Pottery’s online catalogue differ slightly from the works in the artistic gallery. The catalogued works have a slightly more commercial polish to them, though they are no less unique than the fine art offerings by the studio. The works here present a variety of uses, from cooking vessels, to bowls for yarn and knitting supplies.

A handmade cermic shaving mugShaving Mug

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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