Geometric Intersections: Art by Angela Britzman

A sculpture made from a wooden ball with drywall screwsDeath Star, wood, drywall screws, vinyl paint

Angela Britzman works in two and three-dimensional media, creating abstract art pieces that emphasize geometric intersections. Recently, Angela’s sculptures have taken the form of spheres in varying sizes with ray-like projections emerging from every angle.

A set of two spherical sculptures with long, sharp protrusionsSputniks (Howard and Pussycat), wood, bamboo, vinyl paint


Angela’s sculptural works are quite charming in their relative formal simplicity, and with each new sphere functioning as a slight variation on the same theme, the series takes on a tactile, almost collectible sensibility. These sculptures stand alone, but seeing them in series does serve to elevate them. A few sculptures in the series are based on rectangular forms, but the sharp, arrow-like protrusions anchor them firmly in the context of the full series.

The front page of Angela Britzman's art portfolio


I also enjoy being able to see Angela’s two-dimensional works next to her sculptures. Her works on paper also draw on reduced geometric aesthetics, but often appear to be semi-figurative scenes of space, or the night sky. This series seems to add context to her sculptures, turning them into models of stars, or alien craft.

A painting of a distant star systemPB2, vinyl paint on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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