Hollywood Western Aesthetic: Art by Robert W. H. McCoy

An oil painting of a back room with antique western itemsThe Back Room, oil on linen

Robert W. H. McCoy creates incredibly detailed still-life paintings, often depicting items with a Hollywood Western aesthetic. Born in Colorado Springs, Robert was exposed to his family’s background on the Oregon Trail growing up, a history which informs his current practice.

An oil painting of several antique objects dating back to the American frontierSe'da


I’m really impressed by the works on display in Robert’s portfolio. The artist has developed a very distinct style that seems to combine the compositional style of classical Vanitas and still life with an eye for contemporary history and the American frontier. Technically, each painting is masterfully executed, showcasing Robert’s eye for lighting and volume, and his ability to render a range of different textures with great accuracy.

A screen capture of Robert W. H. McCoy's art websiteRobert's art portfolio website, www.robertmccoystudio.com


Each of Robert’s paintings is unique, but there’s a definite sense of cohesion throughout his entire portfolio. In his recent works, warm, earthy browns and orange tones are used heavily to play off of textural combinations of wood, leather, and clay. Small moments and highlights of bright color or smooth, white bone serve to center the eye and ground the image.

A painting of a table full of objects in front of a cowboy backdropOpen Range, mixed media on polyester canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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