Invisible Patterns: Art by Ikuko Iwamoto

A set of three large sake jugsLarge Sake Jug

Ikuko Iwamoto is a U.K.-based ceramics artist who uses her craft to explore the microscopic and invisible patterns of organic forms. Ikuko’s works often feature a very subdued color palette, and oscillate between perfectly formed repeating patterns, and distorted, plant-like shapes.

A set of ceramic vases with contrasting texturesMococo vase set


Ikuko’s ceramic works have a wonderful sense of tactility to them – the artist uses many different techniques to create texture in each individual piece, whether it’s creating spikes or divots across the entire surface of a form, or placing smooth forms in contrast to heavily textured ones. It would seem to be a greatly rewarding experience to touch and handle each of these pieces.


I particularly enjoy Ikuko’s framed ceramics. These works combine the aesthetic sensibilities of three-dimensional ceramic sculpture and two-dimensional wall-hangings. I love the sense of depth that is achieved literally, by the volume of the ceramics, and enhanced by the shadow and light created by the shapes.

A ceramic sculpture made inside a frameLet the-new-flower-vase-model-fall-down-horror-incident haunt forever

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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