Uniquely Organic: Ceramic Works by Bent Oaks Pottery

A tall sculptural vaseUntitled

Working under his studio name, Bent Oaks Pottery, Danny Young creates uniquely organic ceramic artworks. Bent Oaks’ ceramic works include purely sculptural items as well as vessels and household objects.

A vase with crossed darkened linesUntitled


In our previous feature of Danny’s invitingly tactile ceramics, we looked at how the artist utilizes organic-looking forms and color schemes to lend a natural look to his pottery works. The artist seems to frequently reference marine life forms and water, as in his Deep Water Currents series, and even in the clam-like shapes of his sculptures. Danny’s ability to create these smooth, curved forms in his ceramic works is impressive and speaks to a mastery of the medium.

The front page of the Bent Oaks Pottery websitewww.bentoakspottery.com


I quite enjoy the way Danny’s sculptures celebrate the richness of earthy browns and other neutral color schemes. I hope to see more from this artist in the future, and find out how his work has grown or changed in more recent years.

A sculpted ceramic artworkUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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