Inviting Expanses: Art by Jeanie Gebhart

A painting made with purple tonesLittle Screamer, oil

Oil painter Jeanie Gebhart creates abstract paintings using inviting expanses of pastel blues, yellows and purples. The artist favors a palette knife rather than a brush, leading to paintings that combine thick, viscous layers of oil paint with the hard-edged cut lines inherent to the tool.

A painting with contrasting blue and yellow tonesClay and Glass, oil


I like being able to see the progression of Jeanie’s style in the images on her portfolio website. The artist’s earlier paintings seemed to incorporate more complex combinations of shape and color, creating a sense that there might be a figure hiding among the planes of color. In more recent works, the artist has focused her paintings down to a more simplified precision, while the occasional hint of a floral or still-life figure still emerges. I wonder how Jeanie’s work has continued to progress in recent months.

The gallery of paintings on Jeanie Gebhart's art websiteThe painting gallery on Jeanie's art website


As we saw in our previous feature of Jeanie’s blocky, colorful abstractions, some of her paintings almost seem to follow a grid-like pattern. I enjoy the tension between this tendency, and the naturally smooth, buttery texture of the artist’s medium of oil paint.

A painting in blue and yellow depicting an abstracted treeTree in Spring, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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