The Power of Forms: Art by Nathalie Gribinski

A pointillist image on a dark backgroundEiffel Tower, oil markers and acrylic on canvas

Self-taught artist Nathalie Gribinski creates colorful compositions in order to explore the power of forms, color, and lines within an image. While Nathalie’s works are abstract, they often aim to express a specific mood, and occasionally even a narrative.

A series of paintings on small canvas blocksBaching Ball, mixed media on canvas


Many of Nathalie’s works are packed with color and most interestingly, numerous variations on similar forms. Sometimes this repetition comes in the form of pointillism, with repeated, multi-colored dots forming a larger whole. Sometimes Nathalie employs many different but crucially similar forms spaced evenly across the breadth of a canvas. I really enjoy the aesthetic of this latter style, where the compositions take on the appearance of plant-life, underwater scenes, or other, more esoteric notions.

A screen capture of Nathalie Gribinski's art


Nathalie’s style, though varied, seems to celebrate a style of abstraction that hearkens back to pioneers of the genre like Wassily Kandinsky. Some of Nathalie’s recent works could also function as interesting textile designs.

A pastel drawing with vibrant colorsBaby in a cradle, pastels on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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