Multiple Viewpoints: Photography by Ted Diamond

A black and white photo of fog over a fieldFog 2

Ted Diamond is a photographer originally from Long Island. Early in his career, Ted became interested in depictions of the American flag and the different ways that such images are presented, and how they resonate with different viewers. Ted’s photographs showcase America from multiple viewpoints.

A photograph of a shed barely visible through snowCropsy Shed White-Out


In our previous feature of Ted’s pop-culture Americana, we focused on the artist’s work with American flags. This time around I’m particularly drawn to the artist’s photographic landscapes – black and white and desolate, they present and image of the American Midwest that is almost jarringly contrasted against the kitsch of Diamond’s Americana photographs.

A screen capture of Ted Diamond's photography


I really appreciate the way that these photos function as a series – sprawling, grey expanses of farmland are photographed with a horizon line that’s consistently near-center, giving the impression of endless, meditative forward movement. Browsing this series on Ted’s art website is like taking a drive through the American Midwest.  

A photo of a field in IllinoisBloomington, IL

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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