Characters and Memes: Art by Amber Petersen

A mash-up of super mario and little shop of horrorsPlant Love II, acrylic on canvas

Amber Petersen works as a mixed media artist as well as an actor, producer, and photographer. In her visual art practice, Amber utilizes neon-bright color schemes and thick, hard outlines to depict elements of pop culture, characters and memes in a recognizable yet unique format.

A painting of Cole Sprouse as JugheadJughead, acrylic on canvas


I like the way that Amber combines detailed renderings of characters -- both live-action and cartoon -- with abstracted backgrounds, swirling with color and lines that seem to sometimes reference street art, and sometimes other referential imagery. The references remind me of works by Yume, or Carly Jaye.

The front page of Amber Petersen's art websiteAmber's portfolio website,


In her recent Boho series, Amber explores text and texture within the painted plane. Floral works feature backgrounds that are stylized with raised, same-colored patterns to create an almost fabric-like, embossed look. Other works are focused on a textual message, with central lettering a relatively simple, minimalist background. The tone of the imagery and text is one of carefree abandon, if imbued with an undercurrent that hearkens to current commercial trends.

A painting with the text Stay WildStay Wild, acrylic and embossing on canvas panel board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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