Systems and Processes: Art by Rob Chavasse

An installation featuring a large palette of plasterboardMarsh Lane Diversion, diverted shipment of plasterboard (installed at Frieze London 2016)

Rob Chavasse is an artist who specializes in conceptual installations and video projects. Chavasse’s work is often site-specific, and the artist favors materials like household appliances, and manufacturing goods and tools to help him address common systems and processes.

A photograph of a gallery installation of radiatorsSlow Dance, radiators, extension cables, motor system (installed at David Dale, Glasgow)

Some of Chavasse’s recent projects have seen the artist creating installations out of air-conditioning units, heat and electrical wiring, and even large palettes of shipped plasterboard. There’s an undercurrent of vaguely surreal humor in many of Chavasse’s works, like in Slow Dance, where a collection of household radiators sitting humming endlessly, connected to extension cables on a gallery floor.


Chavasse’s recent exhibition The Gallerist at The Sunday Painter in London saw the artist has compile a series of photographs documenting the 19-year friendship between Chavasse and the director of The Sunday Painter. These photos serve as fragmented memories, put on display for anyone to see and form observations and opinions about, while being obtuse enough to prevent any definitive interpretation.

An installation view of The Gallerist at the Sunday PainterThe Gallerist (installed at The Sunday Painter, London)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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