Glass Artefacts: Art by Claudia Whitten

A kiln-formed glass plate with a fractal patternKiln-formed glass, Fractal Series, Tea

Artist and glass worker Claudia Whitten produces powerful glass artefacts. Claudia embraces the smooth formal aspects of the material itself while exploring the myriad ways in which the color and pattern can be altered and designed.

A kiln formed glass artwork designed as a wall-hangingWall-Hanging, Fractal Series, Kiln-formed glass


I really appreciate the works in Claudia’s recent Fractal Series – with these works, the artist seems to utilize novel painting techniques to build up abstract surfaces on both wall-hanging and more sculptural forms. Patterns that call to mind veins, cracks in ice, or tree branches are created from the paint channels in a sponge or ball-up cloth. Layered over monochromatically colored, or milky white glass, they have a wonderfully ethereal effect.

The front page of Claudia Whitten's glass art websiteClaudia's glass art portfolio website


As we explored in our previous feature of Claudia’s kilnformed glass art, there’s something deeply satisfying about the smooth, rounded forms of Claudia’s ceramics. Even her wall-hangings have slightly rounded edges making them look less sharp and imposing, and instead, friendly or even time-worn.

A series of glass artworks with a distinct red and black patternred black white tapestry

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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