Functional Yet Sculptural Ceramics by Kathryn Ruckman

A ceramic object designed to hold flowersFlower Brick

Kathryn Ruckman’s artistic practice spans the media of ceramics, painting, and outdoor sculpture. Based in Edmonton, the artist’s focus is on functional yet sculptural ceramics, made with an intuitive approach.

Two sets of ceramic candle sticksTwo sets of candlesticks


We looked at some of Kathryn’s rustic, functional vessels in our previous feature of the artist’s work. I enjoy the sturdy look and feel of each of these pieces, and the way that Kathryn applies colors and glazes. Each piece feels unique, and one-of-a-kind, with imperfections that enhance rather than detract from the overall aesthetic.

A screen capture of Kathryn Ruckman's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Kathryn's portfolio website


It’s interesting to look at Kathryn’s explorations of other media on her portfolio website, as well. In her painted works, for example, the artist seems to take a slightly more methodical approach, depicting landscapes in smooth detail with clearly delineated forms and flat planes of color. In an example of her sculptural work, Kathryn also favors clean lines and smooth forms – seen alongside her ceramics, these works add interesting background to an exploration of Kathryn’s artworks.

An outdoor sculpture made from repurposed railsGhost Rail, concrete and repurposed rails

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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