Dynamic, Theatrical Sensibility: Art by Ario Mashayekhi

A painting of a female figure on a blue backgroundBloom, acrylic

Painter and sculptor Ario Mashayekhi combines his visual art practice with experience and passion for theatre and live performance. The artist’s visual works often capture the dynamic, theatrical sensibility of a performance, utilizing color and lightly abstracted form to great effect.

A painting of a figure on a textured blue backgroundRasa, acrylic


I’m enjoying looking through Ario’s painting gallery on his portfolio website. The artist favours solitary female figures as subject matter, though these figures are presented in varying degrees of abstraction – sometimes each detail of a subject’s face and hair is painstakingly wrought, other times the viewer is given only sparing, gestural lines and the suggestion of human form.

The front page of Ario Mashayekhi's art websiteArio's portfolio website, www.ario.cc


In all of his paintings, Ario works with an interesting brush technique. The works aren’t overly blended, but rather seem to revel in evidence of the artist’s hand, with small brush marks, paint drips and splatters all coming together to create a deep texture that demands a closer look.

A gestural image of a female figureFleeting, acrylics

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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