Studio Sunday: Lily Stockman

A photo of Lily Stockman and her dog in her studio


Today’s Studio Sunday artist is Lily Stockman. Stockman is currently based in Los Angeles, California, where she creates paintings and prints with clean, colorful brush marks and eye for abstract compositions. Stockman attended Harvard University, then spent several years living abroad in Mongolia and India, where she studied Buddhist painting techniques, pigments, and miniature paintings.


Stockman’s Los Angeles studio looks bright and clean – her paintings, which, at the time this photo was taken, seemed to largely feature vibrant stripes of color, reflect the orderliness of the overall space.


I love seeing Stockman’s dog in this photo as well – I can’t help but wonder if this was simply a special occasion, or if Stockman frequently works with her furry friend nearby. I can imagine that allowing a well-trained pet to keep you company in the studio might make it easier to focus on work and give Stockman an excuse to get outside and take a walk for some inspiration.


The table in the foreground looks well stocked with art materials, I see several tubes of paint, a range of brushes, and what looks like a few bottles of oil paint thinner or oil. It’s also neat to notice the smaller studies on paper that are hung up on the wall next to Stockman’s painting. I can imagine the artist creating a sketch at the table, then using it as reference while she paints.


Stockman spent two years teaching painting at the university level and is also known as a writer – some of her essays have been featured in Vogue magazine. While living in Jaipur, India, she helped to found Block Shop textiles, an India-based producer of unique textiles that donates a portion of its profits to the construction of community health and medical facilities.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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