The Figurative Painting Portfolio of Arquimedes Mejia

A painting of a woman in harlequin dress reclining19

Arquimedes Mejia is originally from the Dominican Republic and now lives and works in New York. The artist’s practice is highly experimental, with a backbone of figurative painting that serves as foundation for his forays into different media and styles of mark-making.

A still-life painting of a basket of orangesMandarinas 1

Browsing through Arquimedes’ online portfolio, I’m fascinated by his Arlequines – in these works, female figures in Harlequin-patterned outfits that call to mind circuses and jesters enact postures that call to mind a variety of classical paintings and art moments. Looking through these images, I see possible references to such works as Manet’s Olympia, or Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.

The front page of Arquimedes Mejia's art website


It’s interesting to see the way that Arquimedes shifts between a bombastic abstracted style, and one that’s a bit more subdued and detail-oriented. I always like to see work by an artist that knows the “rules” of realistic figure painting but chooses to bend them to obtain a different aesthetic.

A portrait painting made with layers of splattered paintUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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