Abstract Compositions: An Art Portfolio by Allyson Malek

A geometric artwork made with cut strips of painted paperChopstix 1, acrylic on Arches watercolour paper

Allyson Malek explores colour contrast and harmony in her mixed media art portfolio. The artist paints with acrylic and mixed media on paper and canvas, creating abstract compositions that vary from blended and serene, to bright, detailed and poppy.

An abstract painting with bright, confetti-like coloursSplash I, acrylic on canvas


In our previous feature of Allyson’s bright, bubbly abstract art, we looked at the artist’s recent works with circular and spheroid forms, and the way that Allyson paints these geometric abstractions with the sort of detail and shading that might be expected in figurative work. I’m also interested in the colour palette that Allyson uses. The overall colour of the works in her portfolio is remarkably consistent – pastel tones of blue, pink, and yellow feature prominently, lending the works a cheerful presence.

The front page of Allyson Malek's art websiteAllyson's art portfolio website


The artist’s miniature paintings allow Allyson to pack a huge amount of compositional detail into a very small frame. It’s interesting to see how the artist’s style reacts to a paper substrate versus canvas – the miniature works seem perhaps faster and more gestural than her acrylic paintings. I’m curious to see more of what Allyson has been creating recently!

A painting of circles on a yellow backgroundHere Comes the Sun, acrylic on gallery-wrap canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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