The Art Portfolio of Watercolour Painter Jane Crosby

A watercolour painting of a purple rhododendron flowerPurple Rhoddie, watercolour on cold-pressed paper

Jane Crosby is a watercolour painter based in British Columbia. The artist’s preferred subject matter encompasses flowers and plants from both the coastal landscape and the prairies, as well as still-life imagery, teacups, and other objects.

A watercolour painting of an oregano flowerOregano "Kent Beauty," watercolour on cold-pressed paper

Jane began painting full time after many years spent working in the healthcare sector. It’s interesting to look at the artist’s work through the lens of her background – I find that the simple, clean aesthetic that the artist tends toward in her work speaks to a sort of therapeutic sensibility. The works that we looked at in our previous feature of Jane’s beautiful florals seemed to emphasize negative space. Even in more recent works, the artist often keeps her backgrounds relatively simple, either leaving expanses of unpainted paper, or using simple washes and gradients.

Jane Crosby's watercolour art portfolio


From a figurative perspective, Janes’ works pack in an impressive amount of detail. The artist demonstrates skilled control over her chosen medium, rendering fine highlights and shadows with great delicacy.

A painting of a teacup, a book, and a string of pearlsBook and Pearls Wabi Sabi, watercolour on hot-pressed paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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