The Photography Portfolio of Jane Southey

A photograph of a crab on a sandy shoreMisc crab

Jane Southey uses her practice to push the envelope of photography, creating experimental compositions that focus on colour, texture, and form in the same way that might be seen in painting. Jane’s photography portfolio features images captured in close-up and from expansive vantage points; in full colour, and in harsh contrast.

A photo of pink liquid on a lightbulbLiquid Light 2

I’m really intrigued by Jane’s Liquid Light series. The images in this series create a visceral connection between the viewer and the texture and movement of the subject matter. The precise nature of the liquids or the objects in these photos takes a back seat to the compositions. These photos are often dimly lit, making room for a clear focal point – a droplet or two of viscous liquid, catching bright light to create an intense contrast that draws the eye up and down that single form, and forces a very specific focus.

A screen capture of Jane Southey's photography


In our previous feature of Jane’s experiments of colour and texture, we looked at the artist’s photographs of plants and architectural forms. Looking back, it’s interesting to see the similarities in the way that the artist treats these two vastly different forms.

A photo of liquid dripping off a spoonLiquid Light 8

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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