The Art Portfolio of Radhika Matthews

An abstract painting with wide stripes of colourBalancingAct

Radhika Matthews is an artist who currently lives and works in Newton, Massachusetts. In her artistic practice, Radhika explores relationships and interactions. By expressing the interaction between substrate and medium, and between different forms on a canvas, Radhika’s works become a microcosmic representation of human and environmental interactions.

A horizontal painting with thick painted textureNewWorldMap


I enjoy the way that Radhika brings different stylistic references into her portfolio, even while maintaining a fairly cohesive overall aesthetic. In our previous feature of the artist’s work with interactions of colour and texture, we noted how Radhika sometimes uses scraps of fabric taken from articles of clothing previously worn by women in her family.

A screen capture of Radhika Matthews' art portfolio websiteThe front page of Radhika's art portfolio website


This juxtaposition between an artistic style that emphasizes the medium and substrate as independent conveyors of meaning, and nods to the artist’s personal heritage and history, creates a very interesting overall feel. Each of Radhika’s works has layers of meaning waiting to be unpacked.

A painting with warm colours and a traditional patternCHUUDA, acrylic on wood panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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