Figures and Bodies: The Art Portfolio of Jon Duci

A painting with overlapping, fragmented human formsLiving Daylights, acrylic on canvas

Long Island, NY artist Jon Duci creates works of painting, drawing, and collage that explore human forms. In his work, Jon stretches the conventional depictions of figures and bodies to a point of near abstraction, creating works that are fascinating blend of figurative painting, abstract art, and body horror.

A painting of human body parts with a large earEar Op, acrylic on canvas (album art for Los Doggies)


I find Jon’s paintings and drawings quite fascinating. Each piece offers plenty for the viewer to unpack. The convoluted forms of Jon’s works draw the viewer’s eye on a wild ride across the canvas, through, under, and behind other overlapping figures. Many of the faces in Jon’s paintings appear wide-eyed and crazed, almost akin to the tiki artworks of Ken Ruzic – there’s a palpable sense of energy in this works that seems to vibrate between infectious and slightly scary.

A screen capture of Jon Duci's art portfolio websiteJon's portfolio website,


Jon’s drawings are equally fascinating. In these works, the artist puts more of an emphasis on line art and graphic forms. In some of his drawings, the artist creates a repeating pattern, or a reflected motif out of jumble of human figures.  

A drawing of many overlapping, repeated human forms#26, ink on paper with digital manipulation

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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