Connection to Nature: The Portfolio of Michael McEwing

A painting of an overgrown floodplain in autumnFall Floodplain, oil on canvas

New Brunswick painter and artist Michael McEwing uses his practice as a way to explore and express a connection to nature. The artist’s works are often inspired by hiking, kayaking, climbing, and other outdoor activities, and showcase an eye for detail and an appreciation for green space.

A painting of a frozen waterfall on a forested cliffFrozen Falls, Ministers Face, oil on canvas


I really love the bright, lush aesthetic that Michael achieves in his paintings. The artist’s greens and blues, in particular, are highly saturated and almost more vibrant than life. In paintings of bodies of water, peaceful blue hues with crystalline highlights sit in sharp contrast to reddish Earth tones and green for foliage.

A screen capture of Michael McEwing's art websiteMichael's art portfolio website,


In our previous feature of Michael’s vibrant maritime landscapes, we looked at the way the artist captures vast expanses of nature, empty of any apparent human intervention. The idea of the artist immersing himself in these environments in order to capture the perfect viewpoint lends a further credence to the sense that viewing these paintings gets one closer to nature.

A painting of a row of fall birch treesFall Birch Trees, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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