The Art Portfolio of Ceramic Sculptor Leanne Schnepp

A bust sculpture of a figure with flowers growing from their headRenewal, stoneware clay, glazed and stained, with stucco and steel

Leanne Schnepp is a ceramic sculptor currently based in Michigan. In her practice, Leanne produces figurative artworks, often centering around the human body, animals, myths, and legends.

A stoneware clay bust of Frida KahloFrida Kahlo, stoneware clay, glazed and stained


I really enjoy looking through Leanne’s portfolio and observing the coherent, unique style that she’s developed. Though the appearance of her sculptures varies widely, Leanne utilizes various stylistic motifs that help to bring the works together. Soft, rounded human faces peer out with peaceful expressions -- sometimes these faces are attached to human figures, while other times these human elements combine with the features of birds, animals, or even plants.

A screen capture of Leanne Schnepp's art portfolio websiteLeanne's portfolio website,


Leanne’s recent series of stoneware clay busts express a love for art history, with some of the busts taking the form of artist portraits while others emulate the style of artists like Picasso. These busts are a wonderful exercise in testing the limits of the clay medium while still adhering to a contemporary, whimsical style.

A bust of one of Picasso's models as "seen" by PicassoDora Maar as "seen" by Pablo Picasso, stoneware clay, glazed and stained

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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