The Watercolour Medium Portfolio of Travis Poelle

A watercolour painting of a man with his face partly in shadowPurple Haze, watercolour

Travis Poelle is a watercolour painter who uses his chosen medium to depict slice-of-life scenes, cityscapes, and figures. In his current portfolio, Travis showcases an eye for detail, and great skill and control with the watercolour medium.

A painting of a New York City taxi in front of a restaurantWinter take out, watercolour


I like the way that medium and subject matter work together in Travis’ portfolio. As we saw in our previous feature of Travis’ sunny scenes, the artist does a beautiful job of creating smooth, blended planes of colour, for images that almost look like they could have been drawn in pencil crayon or pastel. The settings found within the works, often scenes of busy city streets or parks with multiple figures, lend a certain kind of upbeat energy to the pieces.

The front page of Travis Poelle's watercolour portfolio


Travis’ use of watercolour seems to come in especially handy for scenes involving reflections or light diffusing into darkness. In works like Shot of Bourbon, the dissolving, spreading effect of the medium is beautifully used to create a reflection in a pool of water and to create a realistic glow effect for the scene’s lighting. I can’t wait to see more of what Travis has been working on in recent years!

A watercolour painting of a person's legs resting on a skateboardBoarding the Train, watercolour

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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