The Art Portfolio of Clayton Samuel King

A painting of an orange butterfly on a blue backgroundMemengwaa (butterfly), ultraviolet luminescent acrylic paint on Stonehenge paper

Ontario-based artist Clayton Samuel King paints primarily in acrylic. The artist tends to focus on animal subjects, using a unique visual language that’s influenced by the local landscape and fauna, and by the Woodland Art Style developed by contemporary First Nations artists in Ontario and the surrounding regions.

A painting of an animal on a small islandEarly Summer Morning, acrylic paint on Stonehenge paper


I really love the intense, saturated colour palette that Clayton uses in his artworks. The paintings often focus on a central figure and a relatively simple or even monochromatic background. Clayton’s use of contrast in his colour choices allows his figures to stand out brilliantly, and lends a tone to many of the works that’s equal parts playful and reverent. The artist is even known to work with UV-luminescent acrylic paint, making his figures literally glow.

A screen capture of Clayton Samuel King's art portfolio websiteClayton's art portfolio website,


Clayton also produces handmade ceremonial objects and regalia, which we saw in our previous feature of Clayton’s work referencing his Potawatomi ancestry. With traditional painting and craft, along with digital drawings, Clayton’s art portfolio represents a wonderful range of exploration and skill.

An ink painting of an otter in front of an islandNiigig Doodem: Baamngoonhda M'nissing (Otter Clan: Island floating in the sun), India ink on Stonehenge paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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