The Art Portfolio of Jordan Dunlop

An abstract painting with highly saturated colours on plexiglassPt-1. pull lightly

Artist Jordan Dunlop explores abstraction through wildly colourful compositions, using different brush marks, textural qualities, and substrates to push the envelope of painting. Jordan’s current portfolio features drawings and paintings, both of which are representative of different facets of the artist’s style.

An abstract painting with bright colours and circular forms overlappingYantra of Synchonicity


In our previous feature of Jordan’s work, we looked at the way the artist’s images explore the nature of a line. This is particularly evident in Jordan’s black and white drawings, many of which are created using Sharpie marker -- devoid of colour, these works allow for a complete focus on line and mark-making.

The front page of Jordan Dunlop's art portfolio


I love Jordan’s recent series of paintings on dual-sided plexiglass. The artist creates a different composition on either side of the glass, making a finished work that is, essentially, two separate works. The points in one painting where the glass is left blank allow the viewer to see through to the other side, creating a slightly more ethereal aesthetic for the painting, and hinting at the work on the opposite surface.

A painting on plexiglass with an orange and yellow grid patternburn through

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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