Sweeping Landscapes: The Art Portfolio of Cecilia Lea

A painting of a mountain range with a snowy tree in the foregroundHungabee After the Storm -- Lake O'Hara -- Yoho National Park, oil on canvas

Cecilia Lea is an artist based in Radium Hot Springs, BC. In her creative practice, Cecilia captures the sweeping landscapes of the local region in oil and acrylic paint.

A painting of a mountain range with green grass in the foregroundSpring Comes to Mount Nelson, acrylic on canvas


The artist’s gallery of recent paintings showcases a series of plein-air landscape paintings that render alpine and forest views in beautifully soft, painterly detail. Cecilia strikes a great balance between photo-realism and impressionism in these works, presenting views that are expansive and lush but that remain firmly rooted in reality.

A screen capture of Cecilia Lea's art portfolio websitewww.cecilialea.com

I like the perspectives that Cecilia chooses to paint. Most of her paintings express vast landscapes and include the distant figures of trees and mountains. Many of the works also seem to focus toward a central vanishing point, creating the illusion that the viewer is being drawn physically into the scene.

A painting of a creek running toward a lake below a mountainFlower Carpet to Schuss Lake, oil painting

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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