The Photography Portfolio of Wayne Mazorow

A photo of a dense field of sumac and astersSumac & Asters

Wayne Mazorow is an Ohio-based photographer whose practice centres on capturing the natural landscape and environment of the area. The artist’s photographs immortalize land untouched by human development, with crisp detail that lends an almost dreamlike quality to each image.

A photograph of the branches of a grey birch tree in winterGray Birch, Winter

In our previous feature of Wayne’s work, we noted that the artist’s subject matter is sometimes protected parkland, and other times, pieces of pure wilderness that are as-yet undeveloped but that may, in the future, disappear. Knowing this about the subjects seen in Wayne’s portfolio lends a certain weight to many of the images.

The front page of Wayne Mazorow's photography portfolio websiteThe front page of Wayne's photography portfolio website


The images themselves are dense, often focusing on a lush patch of foliage, or a small section of a running creek, rather than trying to capture a vast, panoramic view. Some remind me of the work of fellow photographer Hunter Madsen. The focused nature of Wayne’s photographs tends to omit obvious location indicators, making these places seem like they could exist anywhere -- even in the viewer’s own backyard.

A photo of a meadow with grass covered in frostLate Autumn Meadow with Frost


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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