Studio Sunday: Georges Braque

A photo of Georges Braque in his art studio


Georges Braque was a French painter, sculptor, and artist in various other media who was active in the first half of the 20th century. Braque is often credited with being a part of the Fauvist movement, and is noted for his later paintings that helped popularize the cubist art style.


I like the look of Braque’s studio here. The first thing my eye is drawn to is the set of paintbrushes lined up on the floor in front of the artist. It looks like there’s also a pretty big selection of paintbrushes in the pots and vessels gathered there, and on the table that the artist is pictured looking at. The collection of various artworks and objects in the studio is also very interesting. It’s an eclectic collection of things that seems, in a way, to echo the eclectic shapes and abstracted subject matter of many of the artworks Braque would become known for.


Despite the overall homey atmosphere, there are practical touches in this studio space. Most obvious is the folding divider placed behind the easel, apparently to keep paint from splashing on the wall behind or on any of the furniture. The painting that the artist is currently working on reflects this to some extent -- it’s interesting how the shadowy figure in that painting almost begins to look like Braque’s reflection, as if the painting is actually a mirror.


While Braque became well-known as an artist in his own right, he is often associated with his close friend Pablo Picasso. Braque began his career primarily painting landscapes, though under Picasso’s influence he later moved into painting still-lifes, deconstructing objects and examining them as geometric forms.


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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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