Flora and Fauna: Art by Lisa Baechtle

A watercolour painting of animal hybrids on a colourful backgroundRhythm, watercolour on rag paper

Artist Lisa Baechtle works primarily in watercolour, creating bright images that draw inspiration from flora and fauna as well as the artist’s own introspection and self-awareness. Through a somewhat intuitive process, Lisa creates paintings that combine an obvious love for nature with a sense of the supernatural.

A watercolour painting of a lion and an antelopeNourishment, watercolour on rag paper


I really enjoy the colour palette that runs through Lisa’s entire gallery of Wild Soul Paintings. Lisa’s painting style is one that shows a certain amount of reverence for the slight imperfections and blurred edges that are an inherent part of the medium, yet the artist still creates each work with a great eye for detail. Lisa paints her wildlife subjects with a beautifully controlled hand, while allowing space for wild abandon in her colourful, blended backgrounds.

The front page of Lisa's art portfolio websitewww.lisabaechtleartist.com

Lisa also produces custom pet portraits, on a commission basis. The artist’s skill with fine detail really shines in these pieces, where the artist manages to capture not only the physical features of a pet, but the pet’s personality.

A watercolour painting of a small dogBug

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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