Bombastic Geometric Arrangements: Art by Melvin Clark

A painting of three jazz musicians in bright coloursBoogie Band, casein on board

Melvin Clark is an artist currently based in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. In his artistic practice, Melvin seamlessly blends music with painting, utilizing bright colours and patterns in bombastic geometric arrangements to build and accompany portraits of musicians.

An abstract painting with geometric forms in bright coloursIntervention


I really enjoy the cohesive colour scheme that Melvin employs throughout his portfolio. The artist’s use of deep, electric blues and greens as a base plays beautifully off the warmer, earthy accents that appear in the works. Looking at these paintings, I get a sense that the artist has an eye not only for painterly aesthetics, but for the kind of sleek, 1960s-style interior decor that might grace the jazz clubs where his subjects play.

A screen capture of Melvin Clark's

Melvin’s works of abstraction and symbolism carry just as much bright, musical energy. In the latter, the artist breathes new life into traditionally-styled still-life paintings, rendering bowls of fruit, statues, and other objects of interest in contoured, coloured planes that give each piece a supernatural sense of depth.

An abstract painting with bright coloursUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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