Remnants of Ancient Civilization: Art by Emily K. Grieves

A painting of a female figure and a shelf of mysterious-looking bottlesCurandera

Artist Emily K. Grieves was born in Germany and has lived in Mexico since 2004. The artist’s work is often inspired by the landscape and mythology of her home, drawing on nearby remnants of ancient civilization as well as from the modern-day environment.

A painting of a young woman sitting cross-legged in a corn fieldCihuacoatl


I like the warm tones and stylized figures that are prevalent in Emily’s works. In our previous feature of Emily’s work, we looked at the way the artist infuses each work with spiritual energies and mythology. In recent works, the artist has continued along this path, blending the supernatural with the real and recognizable.

A screen capture of Emily K. Grieves' art portfolio websiteThe front page of Emily's art portfolio website


A recent mural produced for San Sebastian Elementary School showcases Emily’s collaborative pursuits, and the way her style blends with and complements that of another artist. It’s interesting to look at a collaboration like this, where the finished piece is a cohesive whole but still demonstrates the differences between each particular artist’s style.

A view of an outdoor mural painted for an elementary schoolSan Sebastian Elementary School Mural (collaboration with Benjamin Swatez)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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