Speculative Tech: The Art of Daniil Alikov

A painting with panels and concentric circles of rainbow colourspectral hub

Daniil Alikov is an abstract artist who uses aesthetics straight out of science fiction and speculative tech to create two and three-dimensional artworks. The pieces are highly structured and textural, and there’s an interesting tension between the artist’s use of traditional media, and the unconventional appearance of his finished pieces.

A painting with the appearance of mechanical or robotic partsIG224+spectral


I really love the combination of bright rainbow hues and cold, mechanical parts in each of Alikov’s artworks. The only saturated colour that the artist uses is concentrated in the rainbow concentric circles that form the focal point of many of his recent works. These focal points lend each work a sense of personality, as if each one represents the character or a particular robot or interface.


Small details in the form of printed numbers and symbols lend a sense of authenticity to each work, and encourage a closer look by the viewer. These artworks seem like they could be artefacts from some distant (or not so distant) future.

A painting with two concentric rings in rainbowtwo spectral circles vertical

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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