A Portfolio of Abstract Sculptures by Eva Lys Champagne

A ceramic sculpture with a weathered block and a small white flowerUntitled

Eva Lys Champagne is a ceramic artist and sculptor who has lived, studied, and practiced all over the world and is currently based in western Montana. In her practice, Eva creates abstract sculptures that draw on organic forms, weaving together pure imagination and scientific discovery. 

A ceramic sculpture with elements in white and deep brownTransparent, Joyful Acquiescence II

I really like the way Eva uses ceramic and sculptural materials in a variety of different ways -- often achieving several wildly different textures, colours, and aesthetics within the same artwork. Some of the artist’s sculptures take on the appearance of man-made materials with strange plant-like lifeforms growing into or out of them. In one series of works, bone-white ceramic elements contrast sharply with the weathered, earthy appearance of other sculptural elements. 

A screen capture of Eva Lys Champagne's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Eva's portfolio website


Eva is adept not only at creating different textures, but at sculpting forms that, while quite alien, are nonetheless believable. Looking through the artist’s sculptural works, one gets the sense that plants and forms like these might exist, if perhaps on a very distant planet.

A ceramic sculpture with pockets and small flowersUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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