Custom Wearables and Props: Art by Angela Dale

A still image from a choreographed dance performanceThe Heart of Ringing 1, costumes (photo by Tim Nguyen -- Citrus Photo)

Angela Dale is a designer who produces custom wearables and props for stage shows and performances. The artist often works on a commission basis, and produces fanciful costumes that bridge the gap between sculptural and functional.

A photo of a model wearing a dress with fibre optic attachmentsGalaxia at Make Fashion 2018 (photo: Juan Rivera, model: Rachel Walsh)


I really enjoy the way Angela uses colour, texture, and light to achieve a unique aesthetic for each of her creations. The artist’s inventive looks often combine textile with highly structured elements and even electronics. The resulting works have a futuristic, sometimes alien quality about them that would be at home in a sci-fi blockbuster or stage show. 

A screen capture of Angela Dale's fashion portfolio websiteThe front page of Angela's portfolio website,


I like the inclusion of process images and sketches in Angela’s art portfolio — the series for her Make Fashion 2018 submission, for example, really showcases just how much engineering and detail went into the finished piece. The party dress with multiple fabrics and fibre-optic lighting woven into its structure is eye-catching, yet still looks functional and easy to wear.

A concept sketch for a futuristic fascinatorConcept sketch for fascinator 3

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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