A Portfolio of Symmetrical Compositions by Renée Duval

A painting of a face made from flowers on a golden backgroundDivine Gilles, oil on canvas

Renée Duval is an artist who currently lives and works in Montreal. In her artistic practice, Renée has cultivated an interesting technique, using dense, vertically symmetrical compositions of flowers and plants to build images that seem alive with fine detail.

A painting of a face resolving out of yellow flowers and plantsPedrolino, oil on canvas


There’s a beautifully lush sense of organic growth that infuses each of these images. Renée’s paintings are frequently more than the sum of their parts -- though one could zoom in on the technical skill with which each individual leaf and bloom is rendered, this realistic attention to detail further serves to help in bringing out the final image, often of a monolithic, almost iconic central figure. 

A screen capture of Renee Duval's art portfolio websitewww.reneeduval.com


I really enjoy how visually clean the artist’s works are despite the level of fine detail, and the way that Renée uses simple backgrounds and gradients of deep blue pigment to really latch on to a sense of the otherworldly in these images.

A painting of pink blossoms on branches creating a facePharaoh, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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