The Art and Illustration Portfolio of Valerie Lesiak

A digital artwork of bunnies readingBunnies Reading

Valerie Lesiak is an illustrator who creates images both for her personal portfolio and on a commission basis through her personal Picture Book Studio. Valerie’s digital drawings and illustrations tend towards a simple, bright aesthetic, but represent the artist’s skill with visual balance and composition. 

A digital illustration of a mermaid in the tubA Mermaid Moment


Valerie’s style is kid-friendly in the vein of Maria Angela Reyes or Denise Tonner, and stays quite consistent whether the artist is working with seasonal subject matter or a project incorporating text or other details. Birds and small animals are a common motif, and their sometimes-stylized appearance lends to the approachable tone of the portfolio as a whole. 

A screen capture of Valerie Lesiak's art portfolio


As we saw in our previous feature of Valerie’s picture book illustrations, I really enjoy the way Valerie employs collage aesthetics in her digital images. In digital media, the artist is able to create shapes in a near infinite array of combinations, matching colours with different textures to give her images a voluminous, rich appearance.

An illustration for New Year's 20202020 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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