An Explorative Approach: Art by Elaine Lauzon

A mixed media painting with abstract forms in two different stylesNo. 7 (diptych), watercolour and pen on paper

Elaine Lauzon is an artist who works in mixed media on paper, as well as digital media, to produce artworks that range from dense, colourful abstractions to delicate landscape sketches. The Canadian artist takes an explorative approach to her work, incorporating a wide variety of textures and colours into each work. 

A drawing of poppies with a lot of negative spacePoppies, watercolour and markers on paper


I really enjoy the works in Elaine’s gallery of paintings. Though the gallery title may suggest oil or acrylics on canvas, many of these works utilize drawing and painting techniques equally -- in one work, the artist uses watercolour and ink to render delicate, surreal shapes like ribbons or strange flowers across a background of balanced negative space. In another, strips of pigment run vertically down the paper substrate to create a look reminiscent of planetary rings or geological layers. 

A screen capture of Elaine Lauzon's art portfolio


In her digital artworks, Elaine often uses photographs as a starting point, manipulating and re-mixing images, sometimes to the point of complete abstraction, but more often leaving just enough detail to allow for recognition.

A digital artwork emphasizing the appearance of shadowsWinter Shadows, digital art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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