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Curated Art Collection: Over and Under

Abstract oil on panel painting

"Beige Walls, Clean Linoleum" Vanessa Maltese,  oil on panel.

Each week we present a curated collection of artwork. This week's Curated Art Collection is all on the theme of Over and Under.  As in the dizzing weave above surface and through sub dimensions. I love when elements of a piece of art are obscured and then reappear. The disappearing act let's us know that there are other depths depicted on the substrate. Featuring art by: Vanessa Maltese, Shawn Olin Jordan,  Mario Airo,  Ben Jones, Pierre-Luc Déziel, Brian Joubert, and Alice Coyle. Some of these works communicate Over and Under as above and below. Here are a few different interpretations of the theme Over and Under in a variety of media.


Photo of art mural in progress "Untitled" Shawn Olin Jordan  

Photo of LED light installation in art gallery“Loto” Mario Airo

Illustration of house structure"Concept Unification-Dog Table 1" Ben Jones, acryla-gouache on canvas.

Abstract colorful sculpture

 "Flowship Flips the Fool" Pierre-Luc Déziel

Painting of red sphere hanging in the air"Detail of Nativity" Brian Joubert


Abstract painting with white structures

 "Henry Street" Alice Coyle


About the author

Artist in residence Rebecca Chaperon

Rebecca Chaperon is our Artist-in-Residence

With a compulsion to create unique visual stories, her paintings often follow the thread of a heroine's misadventures through a surreal landscape.

She's had the pleasure of teaching at Langara College and given community workshops on painting techniques with an emphasis on watercolour, oil and acrylic. She is a board member at the Grunt gallery.

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