Peace of Nature: The Art Portfolio of Faith Revels

A photo of a pair of earrings posed on a piece of wood925 sterling silver sea turtles topped with sea glass and strung on 925 sterling silver French wire

Faith Revels works under the studio name Peace of Nature, creating custom handmade jewelry and wall-hanging art that utilizes natural materials. The artist’s necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry pieces combine rich neutral colours with bright jewel tones for an effect that’s both subtle and striking. 

A photo of a pair of rainbow earringsChakra stone earrings mounted on 925 sterling silver French wires


I like the way the artist combines various materials in each piece -- many of Faith’s jewelry pieces feature coloured glass beads, and the contrast between the weathered glass and elements of leather, wood, and stone creates a kind of microcosmic aesthetic that hearkens to beaches and forests. 

A screen capture of Peace of Nature, Faith Revels' art websiteFaith's art portfolio website,


Faith’s foray into hanging art takes advantage of the weight and presence of colourful stones and crystals. There’s a sense of dynamism in this work as the viewer’s eye is drawn from the higher focal point and downward, with bright, jewel-tone accents leading the way.

A piece of hanging wall art made from natural materialsUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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