From Bowls to Marbles: Glass Art by Joanne Andrighetti

A selection of blown glass tumblers with coloured detailingDoodle Tumblers, blown glass

Joanne Andrighetti is a glass artist based in Vancouver, BC. In her practice, Joanne makes everything from bowls to marbles, maintaining a sense of clean, well-composed design throughout her portfolio. 

A photo of a set of blue sculpted glass unicornsOnce upon a Unicorn, flameworked borosilicate glass


It’s really neat to browse through Joanne’s portfolio and see all the different ways that glass can be created and manipulated using different visual approaches. The artist’s blown glass pieces have a delicate edge to them -- these pieces are mostly transparent glass, with abstract details of colour highlighting the clean, sleek look of the glass itself. 

The front page of Joanne Andrighetti's glass art


In the artist’s Props for Film and TV gallery, a small menagerie of blue-tinted unicorns showcases the sculptural possibilities of flameworked glass. The artist’s Marbles and Beads are smaller-scale examples, microcosms of layering, colouring, and sculpting that look otherworldly in their way.

A set of marbles with a blue cratered designMoon Marbles, flameworked borosilicate glass

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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