The Portfolio of Filmmaker and Video Artist Guillaume Vallée

grand-maman Piano (excerpt)


Guillaume Vallée is an experimental filmmaker and video artist currently based in Montréal, Quebec. In his practice, Guillaume produces complex, psychedelically layered multimedia works that often incorporate analogue film techniques as well as deliberate glitches and physical interventions to the film media. 

A still from an artwork depicting a spoken poemIl fait gris dans ta tête, tout à coup (still)


I really like the overall aesthetic of Guillaume’s artistic portfolio -- the artist has a knack for combining handmade and original footage with found and borrowed visual and auditory elements. The effect is one that draws the viewer in with a sense of nostalgia or perhaps a twinge of unidentifiable memory, while creating an entirely new visual narrative and experience. 

A screen capture of Guillaume Vallee's art portfolio

As we’ve talked about in previous features of Guillaume’s fragments of film, the artist’s works are often collaborative. Guillaume recently worked with fellow film producer and Montréaler Sarah Seené on an audio-visual poem entitled Il fait gris dans ta tête, tout à coup.


Le dernier jour du papillon lune (Trailer)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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