Physicality and the Body: Art by Caroline Boileau

A watercolour illustration with a frog and a skeletonFrom the series Hors d'elle, watercolour on paper


Caroline Boileau is an artist who works with drawing, performance, and installation, often combining disciplines to create holistic explorations of the human body and its relationship to a given environment. Much of Caroline’s work examines the subject of physicality and the body through a distinctly feminine lens. 

A watercolour painting with mysterious, abstracted figuresFrom the series Pharmacopée, watercolour on paper


I love Caroline’s two-dimensional, which the artist produces using watercolour on paper, her use of the medium halfway between drawing and painting. As we saw in our previous feature of Caroline’s artworks, the pieces explore a kind of bodily metamorphosis, an imagined physical transformation or perhaps simply a hyper-awareness of the inner workings of one’s own body. The paintings hint at processes and images that cannot be fully “seen”, but rather interpreted through a lens suggesting some anxiety about the inner functions of one’s own form. 

A screen capture of Caroline Boileau's art portfolio


Caroline’s painting and drawing style translates interestingly into larger-scale installation works. In works like hors d’elle, the artist seems almost to take on the role of one of her figures, encasing herself in a massive sheet of paper, folded into an origami frog.

A still of a performance involving a large origami frogHors d'elle, performance still

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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