Portrayals of Cycles: The Art Portfolio of T. Dave Vincent

A pared-down drawing of a motorcycle1946 Indian Jawa CZ125 inspired

T. Dave Vincent is a Vancouver Island-based artist who uses his artistic practice to express his love of motorcycling. The artist’s illustrative style lends itself to portrayals of cycles both realistic and abstracted, as well as other artistic subject matter. 

A drawing of a motorcycle with focus on negative spaceMorning Airhead Ride along Old Island Road


I like the balance of composition and detail in Dave’s gallery of motorcycle drawings. The artist studied motorcycle repair before earning his art degree from Emily Carr, and the artist’s expertise shows in his detailed drawings of the inner and outer parts of different models of motorcycle. Some works depict close-up, schematic views, while others capture a complete model, positioned satisfactorily at the centre of an expanse of negative space. 

A screen capture of T. Dave Vincent's art portfolio websitewww.motorcycleisart.com


Motorcycles aren’t the only thing that Dave can draw -- the artist’s portfolio includes a series called An Orphanage Adoption, encompassing several children’s book-style illustrations of an adoption process. Rendered in a light, minimalist style, the works are clearly illustrative while leaving enough space for the viewer to fill in their own blanks.

A painting of a scene through an exterior windowThe Adoption No. 3

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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