Mythology and Tradition: Art by Daniel T. Lopez and Dano Lopez

An abstract artwork with curving linesMusic of the Universe

Daniel T. Lopez and Dano Lopez are a pair of artists. Daniel is primarily a muralist. In his practice, the artist works with various communities and people to create striking, brightly-coloured murals that often address modern relationships to mythology and tradition

A photo of a custom mural painted at Mendocino College in CaliforniaMendocino College mural


Looking at photos of Daniel’s mural work, it’s clear to see how the artist takes a collaborative approach, involving the local communities and commissioning bodies in aspects of the final design. Many of the artist’s murals are, in a sense, group projects, with a range of different artists assisting with the painting and production of the design. Daniel’s portfolio contains numerous images of outdoor painting projects, reminiscent of other artists like Judith Baca or Sharon Hunter and her mural work with First Nations communities.  

The front page of Daniel T. Lopez and Dano Lopez' art portfolio


Dano Lopez’ paintings in the portfolio are on a smaller scale -- studio paintings, taking the form of abstractions with lines and drips of colour. These works, though not immediately representative, capture a similar sense of energy and reverence as Daniel’s mural pieces.

A painting featuring large strokes of primary colourPrimary Hues, acrylic on canvas (Dano Lopez)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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