Open to Interpretation: Art by Scott Ross

A painting of muscle tissue in blue tonesUntitled, oil on canvas

Scott Ross is a self-taught artist currently based in rural Connecticut. In his current practice, Scott explores processes of cognition, and the link between perception and emotion. Visually, the artist’s works are often abstracted, at least partially, while maintaining some link to recognizable forms and figures, hinting at subjects that are open to interpretation

A painting of muscle sinew in a range of bright colourUntitled, oil on canvas


In our previous feature of Scott’s artworks, we looked at the way the artist’s digital photo manipulations celebrate ambiguity and invoke a sense of mystery, even disorienting the viewer to some extent with their repeating, reflecting, kaleidoscopic patterns. Scott’s photographic images take a similar approach to Renée Duval’s paintings in producing an image that is perfectly symmetrical and all the more intriguing for it. 

A screen capture of Scott Ross' art portfolio


In his paintings, Scott takes on more bodily, organic subject matter, producing abstract planes of colour and line that often look like cross-sections of musculature and bone, or fragments of anatomical diagrams. Here the artist’s use of colour confounds easy interpretation, with cool tones of blue and green taking the place of expected flesh tones.

A digital photograph of a paintingUntitled, digital photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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