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Artist Portfolio: Amie T. Rangel

Drawing by Amie T Rangel

 "Through and Through" Drawing by Amie T. Rangel


Today we feature the artist portfolio of  Amie T. Rangel. Her portfolio contains these incredibly executed drawings of a highly realistic nature. Though the work is representational there is softness to the line work that works against a sharper, more photographic approach. I am enjoying these works on tinted paper as these disembodied objects maintain a certain mysterious quality. 


"Rangel has exhibited at the Banff Center for the Arts in Banff Alberta, Art Gallery of Alberta, Kansas City Missouri, Nashville Tennessee, and several locations throughout California. She was previously an Adjunct Professor of Fine Art and Director of the COS Art Gallery at College of the Sequoia in Visalia California before moving to Albuquerque New Mexico.  Currently she is a full time artist and contributes to her local community through curatorial projects, as well as furthering her artistic practice in drawing and installation based work." -

You can view more from the artist portfolio of Amie T. Rangel here:

Drawing by Amie T Rangel "Valve" Drawing by Amie T. Rangel

Drawing by Amie T Rangel "Receptacle" Drawing by Amie T. Rangel

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